Hopefully you have been able to follow our progress over the past year and if not, take a few minutes to look through the pictures and re-live the process. I would like to say a special thank you to those who have given financially. Yabus has already changed as EVERY day people bring their produce to market, children go to school, and the clinic sees patients from both sides of the river because of this bridge. Thank you.
-Eli Fader

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Story from the unity bridge November 2014

SIM director, Chris Crowder, is visiting Doro which is about an eight hour walk from Yabus.  He heard a funny story from some men who went to Yabus and were crossing the bridge.  The rains were heavy this year and the current of the river is very dangerous.  Here is what happened:
One night some people went to cross the bridge from the east side.  At the same time, some people started to cross from the west side.  Then they heard and saw an animal on the bridge.  'Ay, what is it?' They asked.  At first they thought it was a goat.  But then they saw it was a hyena!  (Hyenas are pests that will steal goats and kill dogs from the villages).  It got more and more frantic, realizing it was trapped, running back and forth across the bridge.  Finally, in desperation it jumped off the bridge, fell heavily, hit its head on a stone and died.

We are glad the bridge continues to serve the community of Yabus.

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